Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Video- Arnold Clavio's interview with Janet napoles lawyer Atty. Alfredo Villamor

Some netizens thinks that Arnold Clavio disrespected the lawyer of Janet Napoles.

Pinoy Balita commented, "Im so sorry ARNOLD CLAVIO but you became very UNPROFESSIONAL!!! Even if Atty. Villamor is the Lawyer of Janet Napoles, I think ARNOLD, you did not uphold the right ethics in interviewing him. YOU DISRESPECTED HIM... Truly, Arnold Clavio did not live up to GMA's Coat of Arms.... GMA Network."

Ivy Miravalles i never answer fb post but seeing arnold's way of interviewing the lawyer, i was so disappointed that i kept on looking for ways to air out my sentiments, very bad arnold. he should undergo more training and debriefing, baka pagod na sya sa or masyado exposure sa work, he needs debriefing. He was so rude, i hope this reaches him or the management.

Part of an interview said:

“Pasira ka ng araw eh,” Clavio snapped, adding that the case in court was exactly what he meant. As their exchange heated up and as Villamor continued to calmly explain his side, Clavio told the lawyer, “Tatawa-tawa ka pa!”

Realizing the conversation is at a dead end, an exasperated Clavio said, “Sana pala hindi na namin kayo…salamat po, wala po akong nakuha sa inyo”.


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