Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Survivor’s 25th season Telecast on GMA News

Catch Survivor’s 25th season on GMA News starting September 20, Thursday!

GMA News TV is all set to show viewers just how more fun - and challenging! - it is in the Philippines with the much-awaited premiere of Survivor’s 25th season, which was held in the picturesque Caramoan Islands in Camarines Sur.

Dubbed Survivor: Philippines, this latest season of CBS’ Survivor starts on Thursday, 2 p.m. via satellite from the U.S., on GMA News TV Channel 11.

With Caramoan Islands considered as one of the show’s most treacherous locations yet, plus an intriguing mix of castaways, which includes a couple of celebrities and a number of former castaways, the buzz generated by the newest season of Survivor is unusually high.

Again hosted by Emmy Award winner Jeff Probst, Survivor: Philippines will also mark the first time in eight years that the reality show will be composed of three tribes all named after local animals: Kalabaw (Water Buffalo), Tandang (Rooster), and Matsing (Monkey).

All set to outwit, outplay, and outlast one another to become this season’s Sole Survivor are the 18 castaways consisting of ‘80s teen star Lisa Whelchel, retired Major League baseball player Jeff Kent, business student Abi-Maria Gomes, engineering graduate Peter Yurkowski, insurance sales Sarah Dawson, and beauty queens Katie Hanson and Angie Layton.

Also vying to become the show’s newest millionaire winner are computer engineerArtis Silvester, investment banker Roberta Saint-Amour, tire repairman Zane Knight, bartender Malcom Freberg, seminary student Roxanne Morris, track coachCarter Williams, cosmetologist Dana Lambert, and sex therapist Denise Stapley.

Survivor: Philippines will also give three former castaways who were medically evacuated in the previous seasons the chance to finally finish their Survivor journey: writer Jonathan Penner (Survivor: Cook Islands), environmental lawyer Russel Swan (Survivor: Samoa), and professional speaker Michael Skupin (Survivor: Australian Outback).

Prepare to outwit, outplay, and outlast! Survivor: Philippines begins September 20 and airs every Thursday, 2:00 pm, via satellite with a replay every Friday, 10 p.m., on GMA News TV Channel 11.


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