Sunday, 2 October 2011

Watch Flames of Desire on TV-5

Pinoy cannot get enough of Korean Drama's and here's another treat from TV-5 via their newest Korean Novela offering, Flames of Desire.

TV5 offers an exciting Korean drama on primetime starting this Monday, October 3.

Flames of Desire tells the story of a conglomerate family that falls apart when the members are caught up in a furious battle for succession. Jacinto’s children all covet his fortune and the power that he possesses as the company president, and they would do anything, however cruel and inhumane, to wrest it from the others. At the forefront of this desperate game is Nerissa, the ruthless and ambitious wife of Alvin, Jacinto’s third son. Her unquenchable thirst for power and wealth drove her to the point of no return, manipulating both husband and son to achieve her own desires. Shin Eun-Kyung, Jo Min-Gi, Yoo Seung-Ho and Seo Woo lead the cast of this new series.

You can catch the intense family drama of Flames of Desire, weeknights starting October 3, right after Sa Ngalan Ng Ina on TV5.

Flames of Desire - Trailer:


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