Monday, 3 October 2011

“Bleach” new season on GMA- October 3

GMA-7 takes viewers back to the world of Shinigami or soul reapers with the new season of the anime series, “Bleach”, beginning this Monday (October 3).

“Bleach” follows the story of a seemingly average teenager named Ichigo and his transformation to being a substituteShinigami, one who controls the flow of souls between the human world and the afterlife. Ichigo differs from other people because he has the ability to see stray souls and monsters which are invisible to the human eye.

Once, a Shinigami named Rukia tried to save him from a Hollow, a dangerous lost soul, attempting to harm him and his family. Badly hurt, Rukia was left with no choice but to transfer her powers to Ichigo.

With his innate spiritual abilities and Rukia’s Shinigami powers, Ichigo defeated the Hollow who was terrorizing his family and has become a substitute Shinigami since then. He took over Rukia’s duties while the latter’s power has not returned yet.

With their friends, Ichigo and Rukia face fiercer and stronger enemies in the new season of “Bleach”. Witness how their friendship and complementing abilities see them through the dangerous task of defending humans against Hollows.

The new season of “Bleach” premieres on Monday (October 3) and airs weekday mornings after Hunter X Hunter on GMA-7. Text courtesy of GMA Network


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