Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Pastillas Girl Scandal Video gone viral

Pastillas girl is the one being shipped by It's Showtime to fit against Yaya Dub of Kalyeserye. The 21-year-old Pastillas Girl -- Angelica Jane Yap, in real life -- wanted to know the best time to fall in love again after a breakup. Last Friday, she opened up about how her ex-boyfriend fell in love with her best friend.

Was it a desperate move by GMA's rival network?

But there's one big controversy that banged the Netizens after someone came out and claims that she's the one who really is the author of the said recipe.

A girl named Miel Francisco claims that she's the one who wrote the recipe on how to make "Pastillas" with a touch of bitterness, according to

And this one really makes me laugh:


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