Friday, 21 August 2015

Who is Giecelle Nakamura on Alden's Life

Giecelle Nakamura is being bashed by AlDub fans after posting some info about her and Alden which makes AlDub fans think she is the one.

With the popularity of AlDub everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. However fans are not taking it seriously.

Just last week Jessica Soho ask Alden of her status and Alden quickly answers he is "Single" at the moment. So if anyone is pretending to be his girlfriend better watch-out for AlDubNations.

 I actually visited her account and it seems she doesn't have any link with Alden aside from the photo she posted awhile ago but because of this she was already bashed by AlDub fans on her Facebook account.

All I can say is that her post is provocative to AlDub fans as she wants to keep them on guessing regarding her post.


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