Friday, 10 July 2015

My apple watch doesn't vibrate when I receive a message- How to Fix

How to Fix My apple watch doesn't vibrate when I receive a message.Setting on your phone not the watch app. Sounds> check vibrate is on then check on text tone, mail etc, vibration and ring tone are set .Then go to the watch app >notifications and mirror my phone,should sort it . Notification privacy is off.

There's another thread on this subject that helped me. Assuming your iPhone and Watch notifications are all on...

Reset the iPhone and Watch. Other users have unpaired and repaired the Watch.

While I didn't have to unpair the watch, resetting both devices solved my problem (no notifications at all on the watch).

To override the iPhone settings as a troubleshooting step, I used custom settings in the Watch App to ensure the sound, vibration, taptic all hit my watch.

I also set the repeat to 3 times...alert me three times if I don't acknowledge the "alert". I doubt I'll keep this at 3x notifications, but just experimenting to see if this is truly fixed.

I've had this happen a couple of times now. The watch just stops giving any sort of notification - vibration or sound. What's more, it doesn't vibrate when you force-touch it either.

The fix (in my case) was really easy: Switch the watch off and back on again.
To do so:
  1. Press and hold the side button (under the digital crown) until you see the three options (power off, power reserve and lock).
  2. Slide 'power off' to switch off the watch.
  3. Wait until it turns off, then press and hold the side button again.

When it re-starts, you can test whether vibration is working again by force-touching the watch face.


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