Tuesday, 14 July 2015

FRANCIS RYAN LIM I'LL BE THERE wins The Voice Kids Season 2

Watch FRANCIS RYAN LIM I'LL BE THERE win The Voice Kids Season 2- Fearless Forecast.

When I first heard his voice in the blind audition, then I knew that this kid would be the grand winner if the criteria is not by text votes... then if the criteria is talent then this kid should win! The best voice so far in the voice kids....

If again the criteria would be text votes then I guess we should stop calling it the voice but rather "The text votes" because by the tittle itself the VOICE should be the basis of choosing the winner.. AND I ALSO WANT TO REQUEST TO MAKE A MUSIC VIDEO "ILL BE THERE" FRANCIS STYLE, LIKE WHAT HE DID IN THE BLIND AUDITION. Thanks! by the way its just my opinion on regards to what I said above..

Do You Cry Everytime You Hear This Song? Is there a song that makes you cry everytime you hear it?....There are just some days that you need a good cry, and, for whatever reason, to feel something in your heart... I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU... One of my favorite song dedicated to my family and friends.

Watch Francis Full vesion of I'll Be There


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