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Saturday, 14 February 2015

No GMA Channel 7 on Mahiwagang Black Box?

There is no GMA Channel 7 on ABS-CBN Mahiwagang Black Box? Is GMA Network block on Mahiwagang Black Box.

This revolutionary change on TV broadcasting that they have been saying is the company's movement on digital broadcasting. 
According to Wikipedia,

Digital broadcasting is the practice of using digital data rather than analogue waveforms forbroadcasting over radio frequency bands. It is becoming increasingly popular as digital television (especially satellite television) but is having a slower adoption rate for radio where it is mainly used in Satellite radio. 

Digital links, thanks to the use of data compression, generally have more efficient bandwidth usage than analog links. Content provider can provide more services or a higher-quality signal than had been previously available. 

It is estimated that the share of digital broadcasting increased from 7% of the total amount of broadcast information in 2000, to 25% in 2007 and some countries have undergone a Digital television transition.

Meanwhile according to the Mahiwagang Black Box User Tony5 on

The good:
Crystal clear HD channels, with no monthly fee! I got Abs-cbn, DZMM tele radyo, Cinemo, Yey, ABS Action-Sports, Knowledge Channel all at HD quality. (Probably ranging from 480p to 720p resolution.) And this is just a one time P2,500 fee.

The bad:
I only have 6 channels available. If I want to watch GMA7, I need to switch back to my analog TV signal. (This box uses the AV port.) Good thing is, GMA7 comes in quite clear even on analog.

Would I recommend it?:
If you are someone with only free TV and Abs-cbn is not coming in clear. Yes! Double yes if you're already using an LED TV.

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