Tuesday, 7 October 2014

AJ Ramos Video Scandal Link Trending on Twitter

I thought AJ Ramos is a famous actor from Hollywood or something. Then I clicked the trending topics and all I've got were nasty pictures.

Ely Buela shared on Facebook:
Now I understand the story behind the scandal of AJ Ramos and Abby Santiaguel so allow me to share it with u.
We know for a fact that sometimes we are uncontrollable with our feelings so we do couple of things that we are not really aware and beyond the limit. However, Abby was AJ's wife, they live together they do certain things together and we dont care about that. They made the video for themselves only and not for anyone or everyone. AJ mistakenly left his phone from one of his friend's house and sadly that friend sabotaged him for some reason by uploading the video scandal he found on AJ's phone. So basically, this wasn't a mistake of AJ, it was his friend. I hope they can have justice for this. They are both very ashamed of this incident and even deactivated their internet accounts just to avoid judgmental people who doesnt know the real situation. Lets all put our sympathy to the couple and dont spread the video as it will just worst the situation. God bless.


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