Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Ariella Arida Q&A Portion on Miss Universe 2013 Teaser

Q&A with Ariella and how she fares with famous questions thrown at contestants in some international contests conducted by mr. Ricky Lo on PhilStar.

• What part of your body would you like to change? (To Melanie Marquez, 1979 Miss International, who said she didn’t want any part changed because she liked “my long-legged.”)

Ariella: I believe that God created us and made us all unique and special. I believe that God made us the way we are, and we are all beautiful in our own ways. My body is a gift from God. I love it and I do not want to change anything about it.

• What is the essence of being a woman? (To India’s Sushmita Sen, 1994 Miss Universe.)

Ariella: The essence of being a woman is her sexuality. It is in her ability to procreate. It is in her ability to give a life and in her role of nurturing children who are the hope of future generations.

• If you had one million dollars what would you do with it? (To Margie Moran, 1973Miss Universe.)

Ariella: I would be very wise with my spending and save the money, and allocate part of my winnings to my chosen advocacy.

• What is the one lesson you learned as a child that still affects your life today? (To Japan’s Riyo Mori, 2007 Miss Universe.)

Ariella: As a child, I was always taught to dream but work hard to reach it. This fueled me to value education, to finish my studies and be successful in all the things that I do.

• Would you change your religion to marry the person you love? Why or why not? (To Shamcey Supsup, 2011 Miss Universe third runner-up.)

Ariella: I will not change my religion. When you love, it is all about understanding and respect. The man I will marry should respect my religion because it is a part of who I am.

• What is one big mistake in your life and what did you do to make it right? (To Venus Raj, 2010 Miss Universe fourth runner-up.)

Ariella: For me, one big mistake in my life is not being affectionate with my parents. It is a sad reality that most people today are so focused on careers and other pursuits and fail to show appreciation for their parents who unconditionally love and support them. Realizing this, I now express my love for them more often.


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