Monday, 29 April 2013

Mommy Inday answers Gretchen interview on The Buzz

Gretchen Barretto finally breaks her silence on the ongoing word war against Mommy Inday and sisters Claudine and Gia Barretto-Reyes.

Earlier, after the shocking statement of Mrs. Inday Barretto in favor of daughter Claudine while pinning down Gretchen - her other daughter, Joaquin Barretto the only guy sibling of the controversial Barretto sisters, issue a statement refuting everything his mother said.

Gretchen's only response when asked if she intend to patch things up with her family?

“I won't respond to a reconciliation that is not possible.”

Here is Mommy Inday's statements:

"Gretchen stop putting yourself up by putting us down. And just remember that my house which you call lessen your criteria was what gave you a roof over your head, food in your stomach, clothes on your back when you were nobody and had nothing.

“All you wanted was to hitch your wagon to a star and the world gave you the moon, as well.

“You’re not contented, you still have to bash us with lies and pasikat up to when Dad and I are about to close our eyes.

“The trouble with lies is you have to tell more lies to back it up.

“Issues and allegations:

1. Gretchen stopped schooling to stand as breadwinner for the family, to pay for the rent, electricity, food and schooling of her siblings.

ANSWER: At age 12, modeled for a line of clothing. 1,000 pesos per pictorial.

“At 14, she did a movie, 14 Going Steady, 20 thousand per project,­ followed by two more movies I cannot remember. One or 2 more endorsements maybe of the same amount. A total of 100,000 pesos.

“By the time she joined showbiz, 3 of her sibling were already done with school and well on their way.

“She was only with us for 3 years. By the time she changed into adult roles and earning better, she was already living in with (Joey) Loyzaga.

“And our family were already in Iloilo to spend a little time with my 90-year-old mother. And Daddy wanted to go into prawn farming. We may not be rich by her standard but we were never poor.

“Our family had a comfortable lifestyle long before she was born and up to the present. No way will we let our 12-year-old child worked for us. Family and friends can attest to that.”


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