Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Marian Rivera and Piolo Pascual Kissing Scene in Ekstra/The Bit Player

Watch Ekstra/The Bit Player Movie starring Marian Rivera and Piolo Pascual in Cameo Role! Gov. Vilma Santos is shooting an indie movie, entitled Ekstra, it is produced by Atty. Joji Antonio and under the helm of acclaimed director, Jeffrey Jeturian.

“Ekstra” also stars Cherie Gil, Pilar Pilapil, Nico Antonio, Marx Topacio, Olive Isidro, Tom Rodriguez, Tart Carlos, Ronaline Enriquez and Roli Inocencio.

But the film’s biggest surprise is that it also features Piolo Pascual and Marian Rivera in special cameo roles.

Indie Movie: EKSTRA/The Bit Player Stills and Behind the Scenes with Marian Rivera and Piolo Pascual.


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