Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Deadspot- Bubble Gang Gang Anniversary Short Film

Watch Deadspot- Bubble Gang Gang Anniversary Short Film! Michael V. and Gwen Zamora live a 'spooky life' in Bubble Gang short film

Sometimes, in this life, things aren't what they seem. This is exactly what comedian Michael V. and the gorgeous model-actress Gwen Zamora are set to prove in their short (comedy) film entitled, "Deadspot," which is part of "Bubble Gang's" 17th anniversary episode "Dis Is Siete: The Bubble Gang Anniversary Special."

Written by Henry Maceda and directed by Topel Lee (Amorosa), "Deadspot" tells the story of two lovers (Michael V. and Gwen) who have made it a "habit" to make out in the dark. Unfortunately for them, however, their nasty rendezvous turns "spooky" when they realise that they are not alone in the dark: ghosts have been following them wherever they go. As they hunt for the ghosts that have been "disturbing" them in their otherwise private affairs, somehow their search leads them to themselves. Soon, they are confronted with a spookier than spooky reality. What could it be? It's for you to find out.

"Deadspot" is one of five short films that will highlight the celebration of "Bubble Gang's" 17th year via the episode "Dis Is Siete: The Bubble Gang Anniversary Special" airing this Friday, October 19, after Inside Protege on GMA-7.

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