Sunday, 16 September 2012

Photo- Marian Rivera backless in Eat Bulaga

Catch Photos of Marian Rivera as she wears backless during her stint in Eat Bulaga as celebrity judge in Mr. Pogi 2012. Marian Rivera became a trending topic in twitter philippines during the run of the program.

 Even celebrities tweets about Marian stunning presence in Eat Bulaga.

Cesar Apolinario @cesarAPOLINARIO
My wife and I in unison: "ganda ni marian rivera!!!" Me: female version of aga?; Wife: Oo, ang babaeng walang anggulo! Pak! #syangTUNAY!

Margaux Salcedo @margauxsalcedo
@cesarAPOLINARIO argsh walang tv kung nasan ako di ko makita ang dyosa beauty ni marian sa mr pogi

Cesar Apolinario @cesarAPOLINARIO
@margauxsalcedo haha. Sobra maragaux, truth is lamang si marian ng 1 wisik ng tubig sayo hihi. Para ngang diyosa arrive ni marian : )

Margaux Salcedo @margauxsalcedo
@cesarAPOLINARIO uy best friend! haha. pero totoo sobrang fan ako ni marian rivera! Fr beauty to brusko, talent to taray, LUV!

Cesar Apolinario @cesarAPOLINARIO
@margauxsalcedo Marian approached me 1st when our paths crossed couple of yrs ago. Ang bait, don't get why negative issues surround her fame

Cesar Apolinario @cesarAPOLINARIO Natumbok. Haha RT @margauxsalcedo @coquilla_hans I'll take palenkera over pasosyal any day! plus english not only gauge of intelligence!
 source: pex and DY Forever


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