Sunday, 16 September 2012

Dolphy Alay sa Tawa Free Ticket

Catch Dolphy Alay sa Tawa Free Ticket from GMA.

The TV special dubbed “Dolphy: Alay Tawa,” was an idea of one of Dolphy’s sons, director Eric Quizon, who had thought of coming up with a show that will not only have an entertainment value but also be a fund-raiser of sorts to continue the legacy of his late father who had helped his fellow through various foundations.

“Dolphy: Alay Tawa” will be produced by the Dolphy Aid Para sa Pinoy Foundation, Inc. in cooperation with several partners including the three major TV networks. Each of the three networks was assigned to produce three production numbers, and each number will be participated in not only by the stars of the producing network but also by stars from other networks. This means that each network will be fairly represented in every production number – from opening down to the closing.

To get a free ticket to the event, just post the reason from the GMA Facebook fan page why you want a free ticket to Dolphy's Alay sa Tawa, click HERE!


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