Friday, 27 April 2012

Video- GMA Network statement on the alleged Network buying of Manny Pangilinan

Watch GMA statement on the alleged buying of GMA Network by Manny Pangilinan.

GMA News Online reports that GMA Network Inc. issued an official statement on Tuesday, December 27, to debunk rumors that TV5 chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan is buying GMA Network. A rumor had been going around in social networking sites that Pangilinan had offered to buy GMA for P500 billion.

In the statement, GMA Network emphasized: "There is no truth to the rumor that is circulating that MVP has bought GMA 7. In fact, there are no negotiations going on between GMA 7 and MVP for the latter's purchase of GMA 7."

Ironically, GMA Network has a "Think Before You Click" campaign, which encourages netizens to be more responsible about what they say and do in cyberspace.



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