Thursday, 6 October 2011

Tween Stars Topbill "Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin" Remake

Beginning October 10, GMA-7 revitalizes one of its most memorable primetime dramas with the remake of Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin.

The 2011 version stars Kapuso Tweens Barbie Forteza, Joshua Dionisio, JoyceChing and Kristoffer Martin, and will air in the afternoon block after Pahiram ng Isang Ina.

Having been part of several top-rating programs, and recently, of the movie Tween Academy, all four have proven their bankability and huge fan base. They now have the opportunity to appear in this original GMA drama, which had such a strong following when it first aired ten years ago.

The original version starred Angelika dela Cruz, Sunshine Dizon, Sherwin Ordoñez, and Cogie Domingo, whose careers skyrocketed after appearing in “ILAM”. In this modern remake, Barbie will play Angelika’s role as Mylene/Catherine, the rightful heiress of the Fuentebellas, while Joyce will assume Sunshine’s character as Clarissa, Mylene’s cousin who will pose as Mylene. On the other hand, Joshua takes on the role of Sir Charles, Katherine’s compassionate neighbor portrayed in the original version by Sherwin, while Kristoffer will star as Jepoy, Clarissa’s best friend who will eventually fall in love with her, as originally played by Cogie.

Completing the cast are other reputable names in the industry including Gardo Versoza as Ferdinand, Mylene/Katherine’s rich father, Sheryl Cruz as Amara Luna, Ferdinand’s manipulative sister, Tanya Garcia as Lilian, Mylene/Katherine’s poor mother whom Amara Luna dislikes, Matet de Leon as Ising, the woman who assumed responsibility as Katherine’s mother, Ehra Madrigal as Dr. Katrina, Lilian’sdoctor who will fall for Ferdinand, Ernie Garcia as Badong, a small-time crook who will adopt Clarissa, Carla Estrada as Loida, Badong’s ill-tempered wife, Joko Diaz as Berto, Clarissa’s indolent father, Kier Legaspi as Joel, a policeman and Jepoy’s father, Maricar de Mesa as Helena, Charles’ successful yet domineering mother, Shirley Fuentes as Racquel, an abusive lady whom Katherine works for, Victor Aliwalas as Rommel, Ferdinand’s trusted friend, Ella Cruz as Britney, Raquel’s equally condescending daughter, and Ms. Carmen Soriano as Lola Señora, Raquel’s mother who has a soft spot for Katherine.

Despite having different personalities, Mylene (Barbie Forteza) and Clarissa (JoyceChing) are each other’s best friend. The two are inseparable until a landslide strikes their community, which causes Mylene to suffer from amnesia.

While wearing Mylene’s necklace, Clarissa ends up in a slum area, where she grows up in the care of a family of crooks. Here, she becomes friends with Jepoy (Kristoffer Martin), whose father (Kier Legaspi) sees Clarissa as a bad influence to his son.

Meanwhile, Mylene lives a difficult, new life as Katherine renamed by Ising (Matet de Leon), the woman who saved her from the landslide. After Ising is accused of stealing from the evil Raquel (Shirley Fuentes), Katherine needed to work as a house maid to pay for Ising’s debts and to get her out of prison. Having no memory of her former life, she meets her only friend and confidante in Charles (Joshua Dionisio), the son of their next-door neighbor.

Both girls have learned to accept their fate until Clarissa runs into Ferdinand (Gardo Versoza), who mistakes her for being her missing daughter for she is still wearing Mylene’s necklace. Clarissa sees this as an opportunity to lead a more comfortable life and pretends to be Mylene. She then lives in the Fuentebella mansion, to the dismay of her good friend Jepoy.

By a startling twist of fate, Clarissa then pretending to be Mylene, crosses paths with Charles and develops romantic feelings for him. As she tries to attract Charles, Clarissa points false allegations at Katherine, without realizing that Katherine and her cousin Mylene are one and the same.

When will the secrets about Clarissa’s real identity be revealed? Will Jepoy continue to pursue Clarissa despite her being a new person? Will Charles be able to set Katherine free from all the pains and heartaches? Will Katherine’s memory ever return?

The answers to these questions will be uncovered once more in this original story about hiding and realizing one’s true identity.

Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin, an original teleplay by Dode Cruz, will be reinterpreted by headwriter Kit Villanueva-Langit and director Roderick Lindayag. It will begin airing on October 10 after Pahiram ng Isang Ina on GMA Afternoon Prime. Photo and Text courtesy og GMA Network.


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