Saturday, 29 October 2011

Kyla wows David Foster and Michael Bolton

Report said that Kyla wows David Foster and Michael Bolton. Philippines’very own Rn’B Princess, Kyla, made Michael Bolton and David Foster a believer of her singing prowess after she performed in front of the two music icons during a private dinner.

Kyla was asked to sing in front of the guests, while David Foster played the piano.

Right after the dinner, Hayden Kho tweeted that David Foster and Michael Bolton were super impressed by Kyla’s performance. He even quoted Michael Bolton telling Kyla “You were super amazing!”
haydenjrHayden Kho
Anong sabi ni Michael Bolton? "you were suuuuper amaaaazing" RT @KYLA_and_music I was such in a fan mode earlier.. I'm still shaking. Haha!
@haydenjrHayden Kho
David foster and michael bolton were super impressed by Kyla! Represent!!! @kyla_and_music
@rich_alvarezRichard Alvarez
I forgot to post this picture last night of @KYLA_and_music and David Foster. Photographed by Rich Alvarez.. Lol
Kyla with David Foster

David Foster, Kyla and Rich Alvarez

Kyla and David Foster


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