Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hollywood like Batangas sign in Taal Volcano Meme

Filipinos online strikes again with the Hollywood like Batangas sign in Taal Volcano Meme as a reaction to a resolution by the Batangas local government to install a Hollywood-inspired signage bearing the word "Batangas" across Taal Volcano.The move, meant to draw tourists to the site, has been met largely with disbelief and ridicule online.

A Facebook fan page was already created entitled, Hollywood Pilipinas, where people have begun to post and share their own interpretations of the meme. According to the page info:
Governor Vilma Santos-Recto of Batangas wants to place a Hollywood-style sign on picturesque Taal Volcano. Why not just brand the whole country that way?
Here are some of the comments from the page as well as photos:
"2 in 1 Tourist Destination in Batangas (since naglolokohan lang tayo, iligaw na natin ang mga turista... LOL)"


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