Monday, 3 October 2011

HIJO "Dahil Sa Iyo Music Video

Hijo thinks they are, in Azarcon's words, “a better team than Bamboo the band.”

Certainly, all five of them are musical heavyweights, producing sounds at times sparse and at other times lush. The sound is also more organic. “We don't over-discuss the songs; the parts just happen and fall into place.”

Hijo’s music is reminiscent of the instrumentations of Bamboo or even the Azarcon-penned Rivermaya songs, but trippier, headier, and more sophisticated in its mixture of rock, punk, jazz, pop and even kundiman (as can be heard in their song “Dahil sa Iyo”). At times moody, at times aggressive, at times danceable, but surely intense.

Watch  Hijo "Dahil Sa Iyo"


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